Austin Wang


MS Student in Mechanical Engineering Carnegie Mellon University

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I am currently a master’s student in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Carnegie Mellon University. I am also serving as an graduate research assistant at the Robotics Institute, working with Professor Oliver Kroemer on developing algorithms for contact-based manipulation tasks.

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SLIP-Based Quadruped Locomotion

A. S. Wang, W. W. Chen and P. Lin, “Control of a 2-D bounding passive quadruped model with Poincar'e map approximation and model predictive control,” 2016 International Conference on Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Systems (ARIS), Taipei, 2016

control2d_1 control2d_2

Manipulation Strategies with Contact Information

A. S. Wang, O. Kroemer, “Learning robust manipulation strategies with multimodal state transition models and recovery heuristics,” (In review)

mstm_1 mstm_2

Learning to Run

Deep Reinforcement Learning and Control course project.

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Quadrotor Ping-Pong Player

Advanced Control Systems Integration course project.


Beyond school and research, I’m an avid volleyball player, musician, gamer, and otaku.

I was a drummer for multiple bands throughout my high school and undergrads. Now I mainly do fingerstyle guitar.

I also enjoy watch movies and dramas, especially japanese anime.